Last night, on Thursday 29th of August 2019, we had the great pleasure to have the finale of the competition at the Wolfsburg Kunsmuseum (Art Museum). It was a spectacular exhibition in which attendes got to see in person the three finalists as well as the fruits of their hard work. The entire jury was also in attendance and had the hard decision of who is ultimately going to be the one winner of the competition.

In the end, “Merging Systems” by Katharina Kühne was selected the best fit for the North Facade of Markthalle! This was thanks to the combination of an organic and geometric pattern tying together the different aspects of the site. The green organic lines refer to the synapses of human brain that can grow and develop in any direction (just like Marthalle). On the other hand, the intertwining grey lines refer to the digital forms of printed circuit boards and the rectangular designs of digital user interfaces. Additionally, the green color links the wall to the large lawn area in front of the wall, so the artwork “grows” out of its environment.

Great thanks to all the visitos, jury members, organizers and press who made this event such a success. Congratulations to all the finalists & let us eagerly wait for the realisation of this new landmark for the City of Wolfsburg!


Please click on the images for a larger version.


1st Place:

Katharina Kühne (HBK) ‘Merging Systems’


2nd Place:

Johannes Lechner (HAWK) ‘Vivid Current’

3rd Place:

Yi-Chiao (Aalto) ‘Digital Palette’